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109 E. Aurora Street
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Operation of the Historic Ironwood Theatre is supported in part by an award from the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Michigan Council for Arts & Cultural Affairs

Art Works National Endowment for the Arts

Past Events

3rd Annual HIT Idol

Show Dates:

Friday, Nov. 08, 2013

Back by popular demand - this vocal competition features performances by local young people, aged 11 - 29. Participants compete in three different age groups:

* Youth in grades 5 thru 8
* High school aged youth
* Young adults (17 - 29)

Auditions: were conducted over two weekends and were completed on Sunday October 13, 2013. Of some 70 young vocalistss who tried out, 44 were selected.

Rehearsals: Contestants selected to be part of the two day show have been rehearsing (a lot!) and are getting ready to put on a first-class show.

Finding Home

Show Dates:

Saturday, Oct. 19, 2013

Finding Home, by Minneapolis film-maker Chars Bonin is a superbly shot indie film that successfully wields the beauty of the… outdoors as an effective backdrop for… an intense and…gripping relationship drama.”

Shot almost entirely in Upson, WI. Finding Home centers around a loving couple who decide to spend a quiet, peaceful weekend up north. Wesley (Brian John Evans) takes his longtime girlfriend Katie (Lindsay Marcy) to revisit the preferred camping ground of his youth. While Wesley’s goal for the trip is to enjoy some quiet time with the woman he loves, he also means to ask for her hand in marriage. Katie might love Wesley, but she has ulterior motives of her own for the trip.  The revelation of a secret and a surprising twist leads to an exploration of the role of trust in a healthy relationship.

 In his on-line review, Justin Jagoe stated “Bonin’s film is precisely the kind of gem you hope to unearth when attending film festivals like the Twin Cities Film Festival”.

Writer/director Chars Bonin will be in attendance, along with a couple of the actors and others involved in the production. So come along, meet them and learn a little about movie production.

Click here to view movie trailer

Aaron Jay

Show Dates:

Saturday, Oct. 12, 2013

The Ironwood Theatre is pleased to announce that Aaron Jay, the son of local musical legend, Johnny Jay Huhta, will soon grace the Ironwood Theatre stage. Growing up with a musical family background, Aaron started playing guitar when he was about 7 years old. Early on he was exposed to mostly Country and Folk music. He formed his first rock band and started playing what we now call "Classic Rock". Most of Aaron’s guitar heroes back then were Blues players, so he picked up a blues influence early on. Today, Blues is a big part of Jay’s performances.  Says Aaron: “…whether it's rock, country, or anything in between, it's always going to have a bluesy feel to it.”

The Redhead Express

Show Dates:

Saturday, Sep. 28, 2013

Redhead Express is a four-sister act originally from Alaska, and now hailing from Nashville, Tennessee. The girls are: Kendra-22 lead singer, songwriter, and guitar; LaRae- 21 utility man on banjo, dobro and guitar and tenor harmony; Alisa- 19 2nd lead and baritone singer as well as fiddle/mandolin; Meghan- 16 on bass and tenor harmony.

The girls spent the past five years touring with their family band across the country.  Now they are poised for success in the country music industry as they head for the studio to cut their first album. The album will be produced by Paul Worley, well known for his work with the Dixie Chicks, Martina McBride, Band Perry, and Lady Antebellum.

The Redheads are like any sisters, they get along pretty well, except when the hormones are raging! At this stage of life, there is constant chatter, giggles and stories about love - love lost, love found, love longing.  What is their favorite thing about touring? Meeting new people and making friends. What is their least favorite thing about touring? Bathroom stops!

"Sounds of Silents" Festival - Steamboat Bill, Jr.

Show Dates:

Saturday, Sep. 14, 2013

The last of the independent features made in the prime of Buster Keaton's career, STEAMBOAT BILL, JR. is a large-scale follow-up to The General, substituting a Mississippi paddlewheel for the locomotive, and replacing the spectacle of the Civil War with a catastrophic hurricane. Keaton stars as William Canfield, Jr., a Boston collegian who returns to his deep-southern roots to reunite with his father, a crusty riverboat captain (Ernest Torrence) who is engaged in a bitter rivalry with a riverboat king, coincidentally, the father of Willie's sweetheart (Marion Byron).

Keaton's athleticism and gift for inventive visual humor are in top form, and the cyclone that devastates a town (and sends houses literally crashing down around him) is perhaps the most ambitious, awe-inspiring and hilarious slapstick sequence ever created.

Accompanied by Fr Andrew Rogers on the Barton Organ!
A resident of Fenton, Michigan, and Pastor of Holy Trinity Orthodox Church in Dearborn, Andrew Rogers began his musical studies on the accordion at seven, winning local and national competitions playing transcriptions of classical orchestral music. He later appeared in the orchestra of Broadway productions at Michigan State University. 

Scholarships from the University of Michigan enabled Rogers to travel on two Historic Organ tours led by Dr. Marilyn Mason through France, Italy, and Switzerland.  Those tours enabled Rogers to play 58 instruments and participate in ten public concerts. 

He is on staff at the Michigan Theatre in Ann Arbor, and the Detroit Fox, where he regularly plays organ accompaniment for silent movie screenings.  A couple of years back he quit his 17-year job at a travel agency to focus on music and scoring silent films – including Garbo’s “The Kiss”.

We are delighted to welcome Fr Andrew back to the Ironwood Theatre. If you missed his performances during his recent visits to Ironwood, do yourself a favor – don’t miss him this time!

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