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Benefit the Barton - and Be Entertained!

Published on Friday, Jul. 29, 2016

A benefit concert bt Tim Mesun and Frinds raised money for the Historic Ironwood Theatre’s Barton Organ Fund. Held on Saturday July 30th,   the performers wereTim Mesun on keys, Paul Butcher on trumpet and accordion, and Veronica Weaver on vocals. The trio presented a memorable program of jazz, blues, pop and classical pieces, along with some of Tim’s original compositions.

Speaking about the organ, Mesun said “It is really important to keep a piece of living history like the Barton Organ alive.  So many people have told me that hearing it aging brings back memories of going to the there when they were children, and I feel very privileged to perform on this wonderful instrument”

The concert was Mesun’s 16th for area charities. “Unlike the electronic, computerized organs of today, the Barton is a mass of moving parts, stops, pipes, bellows and magnets, all working together for it to play – just one of those parts failing can have disastrous results, so it is vitally important that the organ receives regular care. “Of course”, he continued, “this costs money and requires specialist knowledge, so donations to the fund are much more important than you might think.” 

Paul Butcher on trumpet and accordion joined Tim for the sixth time. The director of Jazz Studies at Florida Southern College, Paul has a long and varied career, as a player in classical, jazz, R&B, and reggae groups, and a featured soloist on Baroque piccolo trumpet. He has worked in Nashville as a recording studio musician, and performed with such luminaries as Ray Charles and Henry Mancini.

Tim's other guest artist was Veronica Weaver who has performed with such ensembles as the Vanderbilt Blair Concert Choir and at festivals such as the International Bach Music Festival.  She was one of two winners in the adult category of last year’s HIT Idol

“I really enjoyed this show” said Mesun, “It is a real pleasure to work with two such talented musicians. Paul is always fun to perform with because he has great ideas and can play in every style ever invented. And Veronica is such an amazing talent – it was just a joy to work with her”.

As Tim says - the Barton is more than instrument; it is a living, breathing entity with its own personality, and our world would be a much sadder and less interesting place without it. “I’m really happy to be able to give back to this incredible instrument.”

And we at the Ironwood Theatre are really happy that Tim and his friends graced our stage - and that by donating thier time and talents, the entire door take will contribute to the wellbeing of a very special instrument.