Ironwood Theatre - Ironwood Michigan

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113 E. Aurora Street
Ironwood, MI 49938
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Theatre Office

Wed, Thur, & Fri:
Noon - 4:30pm
Tel: 906-932-0618
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109 E. Aurora Street
Ironwood, MI 49938
(Two doors west of the main theatre entrance)

Operation of the Historic Ironwood Theatre is supported in part by an award from the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Michigan Council for Arts & Cultural Affairs

Art Works National Endowment for the Arts

Latest News

Friday, Oct. 07, 2016

Superior Horns Were Indeed Superior

If you caught one of the two recent performnces by Superior Horns and Blue Ice, you know what a remarkably talented group of entertainers they are.  We...(click here to read full story)

Friday, Jul. 29, 2016

Tim and Friends on Saturday July 30

A benefit concert bt Tim Mesun and Frinds raised money for the Historic Ironwood Theatre’s Barton Organ Fund. Held on Saturday July 30th,   the performers wereTim Mesun on keys, Paul Butcher on trumpet and accordion, and Veronica Weaver on vocals....(click here to read full story)

Thursday, May. 26, 2016

ACCENT! What a Show

The spring concert by ACCENT! might now be done n dusted, but people are...(click here to read full story)

Thursday, Mar. 31, 2016

Be An Organ Donor

For a donation of just $50 to our Barton Organ fund, you could be wearing an exclusive "Organ Donor" T-shirt. Stop by the office to make your...(click here to read full story)

Sunday, Mar. 20, 2016

Larry Gatlin Wows Crowd

Larry Gatlin wowed the Sunday night crowd with an exceptional program of music, laughter, and story-telling. A consumate showman, Gatlin had the audience eating out of the...(click here to read full story)

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